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Software to assist in trade surveillance

market and trade surveillance

With the advent of computer technology and its advancement to what it is today, pilferage and malpractices are at its helm in on-line trading. The positive side of technology is misused in any field by unscrupulous elements, turning it to impact negatively and computer technology is no exception. To check this scenario, the regulatory authorities and market experts in this area have initiated and introduced many control systems. A surveillance in this direction is thus in place on marketing and trading.

Not long ago, there have been cases of ‘market crash’ caused by high-frequency traders in different parts of the world. People are left wondered as to what happened to the market when ‘flash crashes’ are often heard of. The entire trading in the stock market comes to a standstill by applying a term called “spoofing” and “layering” and other associated malpractices.

Spoofing means a bid or an offer on a stock with intent to cancel before its execution. Layering is when a trader raises multiple orders that he does not want to execute. Therefore, spoofing and layering in a layman’s eyes is jacking up the price of a particular company share by raising massive sale order. The market price is ballooned up by raising sale orders of this share for a higher price. The unusual price fluctuation will make the traders bring down the original price considerably low and at this time the person who raised sale orders will buy huge quantity of shares to his benefit. He will at the same time immediately cancel the sale orders resulting in a plunge in the market. Such upheavals would impact the market and a fast crash can occur easily.

Market and trade surveillance demands sophisticated technology to alert the market and its users in such situations.  Many software companies developed remedial software to detect this unlawful activity. This software includes the following alerts designed to meet the needs of introducing and executing brokers:

Protecting the Retirement Plans with John Labunski

John Labunski on

Today it is a dream of an individual to have a beautiful retirement life. Therefore, many people every year invest millions of dollars in mutual funds, stocks and bonds. However, all this investment is not able to bring the value which it is expected. If like the other people you are also concerned about the future plans, then you can consider the retirement plans suggested by the John Labunski. This is a radio program which is hosted by John Labunski. If you are confused about college funding, level of risk in investment, tax strategies etc. then you can ask any question related to these topics.

You can get his voice on the radio station from 10 am to 11 am on Kansas MO – KCMO AM 710 stations from the studio which is located in Houston. The basic purpose of this program is to provide the people their retirement plans which they deserve. According to a survey till now with the help of this program $3 trillion dollars which is approximately eleven per cent of assets of United states of America, were moved to markets of the safe money and if their prediction is right, then this number will increase up to 29 per cent because of baby boomers and retirees. The main goal of John Labunski is that every citizen of USA should become part of the beneficial movement and be financially sound throughout their life.