Get your trademark and protect your business

Trademarking a brand is the primary step of protecting the success that you achieve with it. Most of the business owners have the misconception that registering a firm gives them exclusive possession of that name. Any other organisation can register a trade for the company of other clients. It is then owned by them and could help preventing you from using that name of the company.

Trademarking is always a smart choice. Trademarking of the business helps to protect its assets. It makes sure that you are the sole owner of your logo, business or property across the world, even in Australia. Trademark Australia can help you grow the confidence of a brand.

A trademark is a sign used to refer to as a ‘logo’ or a ‘brand’. Registering the trademark gives you the exclusive right to use that mark for 10 years for that particular company. It is renewable every ten years thereafter. Anyone who owns a business, a firm or who is currently developing new services to market within 3 years from the date of the registered trademark is eligible to apply for it. Any company can challenge the other parties if they believe that you are not the rightful owner of that trademark.

There are certain steps for the trademarking process. They are as follows:

Trademark Search

The first step while considering a new name for a business or company is a trademark search. The trademarks of the two Australian companies should not match. If it happens so, then not only the company has to face the difficulties in securing rights, but also it may be infringing another person’s rights. Ensuring the chosen trademark is available that provides the brand owner with the mind set of owning the property and business asset.

Filling the Application & Classes

Trademarks are the logos used to distinguish the services of different traders. When the business owners file an application, they must mention what those services actually are. All services fall into ‘classes’ and are placed under an international agreement. There are total 45 ‘classes’ to choose from. Numbers 1-34 are for goods and number 35-45 are for services. While filling up applications for Australian trademarks, the class number should have to be mentioned to the trademark office.

Government Examination

When an application is submitted, the government examiner will check with all the legal requirements. This process takes around four months. Once examination is complete, the company will receive a ‘compliance report’. This is a letter informing the company when the application will be advertised in the Official Journal of Trademarks. If nobody lodges any notice against that particular company, the trademarks can then progress to full registration.

Registration & Rights

Once the application has passed the trademark advertising period without any opposition, the trademark then can proceed to registration upon the receipt of the final fees. The whole process of trademark can take up to about eight months.

Therefore, in this complex and competitive marketplace make sure that your success is protected. It takes time to register a trademark. It is also important to carry out all the steps correctly. This makes sure that clients get protection in the fastest possible time. Thus, trademark your business today.