How Sky Blue Credit can help you in terms of credit repair?

Sky Blue Credit is one of the best credit repair companies, with a combination of full set of services and low monthly prices. Skyblue credit repair ensures ultimate satisfaction and security to all of their customers. Their low monthly fees, user-friendly website and thorough communication are known to impress customers the most. Sky Blue Credit has a large client base. Thus, they can easily afford to provide good rates to their clients.

The pricing plan is very simple. The customers have to pay a monthly fee of $59 for availing the service. This contract can be cancelled at any time. They broadcast their pricing openly, and so, here is no hidden cost at all. This Skyblue Review will be of great help to know all the features of the company.

Aspects of their services

Sky Blue Credit offers identity theft protection to their clients. Identity theft leads to a bad credit score. The company not only helps to clear the name of the clients, but also prevents it from happening in the future. They charge a marginal monthly fee for this protection. The company is a licensed company and they follow the procedures and the laws of the US.

Sky Blue Credit is also a bonded company. Thus, they are capable of carrying hefty costs. A surety company upholds Sky Blue Credit financially. They provide the financial needs to the company when necessary.

The company is registered with the Attorney General. The Attorney General enforces laws for consumer protection and also for state legal procedures, in order to protect clients. The company is answerable to the Attorney General regarding the current state of the clients.

There is the presence of a refund policy to help clients. Though they are very confident about their quality service, they refund the money to customers who ask for it. They even refund the full amount, if the customer is not satisfied with any aspects of their service.

Sky Blue performs a personal credit score analysis with all their clients. They consult with the clients and give them the information about how to get extra credit score and how to prevent the losing of credit score. They suggest the clients to remove bad credit items from the record and also show them the steps to optimize the score for future purposes.

Though the fee for the individuals is $59 per month, couples can have a great discount at Sky Blue. A couple can avail the services of the company at only $99 per month. This offer is applicable only for those couples who apply for a joint credit application, or a joint home loan.

Sky Blue Credit assures absolute guarantee of privacy to its clients. They keep the information of the clients extremely confidential, such that there are no harmful impacts later on.

Interested customers can contact the company through email, telephone and online chat. The website of the company provides all the required information to their clients. Anyone can sign up online or visit their website for a subscription.