Protecting the Retirement Plans with John Labunski

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Today it is a dream of an individual to have a beautiful retirement life. Therefore, many people every year invest millions of dollars in mutual funds, stocks and bonds. However, all this investment is not able to bring the value which it is expected. If like the other people you are also concerned about the future plans, then you can consider the retirement plans suggested by the John Labunski. This is a radio program which is hosted by John Labunski. If you are confused about college funding, level of risk in investment, tax strategies etc. then you can ask any question related to these topics.

You can get his voice on the radio station from 10 am to 11 am on Kansas MO – KCMO AM 710 stations from the studio which is located in Houston. The basic purpose of this program is to provide the people their retirement plans which they deserve. According to a survey till now with the help of this program $3 trillion dollars which is approximately eleven per cent of assets of United states of America, were moved to markets of the safe money and if their prediction is right, then this number will increase up to 29 per cent because of baby boomers and retirees. The main goal of John Labunski is that every citizen of USA should become part of the beneficial movement and be financially sound throughout their life.

The retirement plan suggested by John basically consist of three parts

Growth phase: According John, first of all it is necessary to build up your growth phase for instance IRA, 401k’s and Roth IRA.

Income Phase: At the income phase, the growth should be your current income. The risk which you took in the first phase should be now your security.

Transfer Phase: This is the final phase of the retirement plan, when you are done with all your investments and you can start with new transition in your life.

Before John became popular because of his radio show, he was an ordinary person and at that time he was helping his friends about the retirement plans which he learnt about the retirement investments. He never thought he would become an integral part of this movement for the investment techniques of the retirement plans.

John got his first start in 2005, when he showed his plans to one of his friends. His friend was very impressed by the plans which John showed to him because they were totally risk free and secure. Therefore, he invited him to the radio show on the next weekend. As a result of which his voice reached to millions of lives which changed their lives.

Today he is the owner of Retirement Radio talk and he has managed to engage thousands of his listeners who have their complete trust in his retirement plans.