The vital of role of PR in growing a business

PR for small business

When a business plan is created by small business owner, they usually include advertising, but he or she forgets to include public relations. Awareness can be raised by the most cost effective methods for small businesses. PR for small business is less expensive than advertising.

When an advertisement is seen, it is known that the company is trying to sell its products to the customers. When a service or product is endorsed by a third party like the media, then credibility is gained by the company. Consumers also tend to purchase the products that the third parties endorse than that of an advertisement. I Do My Own PR is a company that helps the small businesses to grow.

Some of the functions of Public Relations are given as follows –

  • Public Image Strategy

An overview of how the company wants to be serviced is crafted by the public relations strategists. They mostly work with top executives of different companies. They also try to project a positive image of the company so that it can attract a large number of consumers. Focusing on particularly the correct message can be involved in it. The message is disseminated only after finalizing on the broad outline of the project.

  • Outreach Events

Events are often arranged by the Public Relations officers. The profile of the organizations is raised by these events. The philosophy of the company is represented by organising charitable events. These events may include special events or a health outreach day which is organized by a hospital.

  • Media Relations

The main function of the Public Relations departments is to talk to the media. Questions are fielded by reporters, interviews with main individuals in the organization are arranged and press releases are written by the Public Relations professionals. By doing all these activities, the media is aware of the achievements and events of the company.

  • Social Media

The positive image of a company can be maximized by using social media. It is considered as one of the main functions of public relations for growing a small business. Possible new customers or stakeholders can be connected with by using a YouTube channel, a Facebook page and a Twitter feed. PR professionals can also be given a warning about an emerging problem by analysing public comment about the company. Social media plays a very important role in making a small business successful.

  • Handling Emergencies

Sometimes the public image of an organisation or company is ruined by any disastrous event. When a high profile spill has to be dealt with by an oil company or when a contamination event has to be faced by a food company, it affects the image of the company very badly. The ways of repairing the affected image of the organization are decided by the Public Relations professionals. The control of its message is also regained with the help of PR professionals.

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