What Does The Hampden-Sydney College Have To Offer?

Hampden-Sydney College


Located in Southside Virginia, the Hampden-Sydney College is a liberal arts college that hosts no less than 1,1000 students. The College of Hampden-Sydney was founded back in 1775, and some of the first and most renowned Trustees are James Madison and Patrick Henry. The College is committed to providing top-notch education at affordable price, and it is also devoted to forming good citizens.

Did you know that this college is actually one of the oldest and most reputable institutions of higher learning across the territory of the United States of America? Also, it is one of the last standing colleges for men in the US. The academic calendar is formed of semesters and the College provides Bachelor’s degrees. The most popular majors at the Hampden-Sydney College are history, political science and government or economics.

What truly makes the College stand out from the crowd is the interesting student-run justice system, which involves that students must act like gentlemen and they must not lie, cheat or steal. This is basically a justice system and a code of honor which states that students at the Hampden-Sydney College hold each other accountable for their deeds.
The mission of the College is simple: it aims to create articulate and critical minds through the study of a wide range of major. The College offers no less than 25 different majors and more than 20 minors, along with a reputable Rhetoric Program, which basically offers a deeper insight into the mission and the principles of the College.

The student life also plays a pivotal role for every man in the Hampden-Sydney College – being a student is about learning and enriching your general knowledge, but it is also about entertainment and living your life. This is why the College provides numerous organizations and opportunities that aim to offer an overview of the principles taught in classroom. In addition to this, there are over 60 clubs available, from athletics and music to philanthropy and such. There are 9 social fraternities, and the College organizes regular trips for the students who are passionate about biking, camping, fishing, hunting and any other similar outdoor activities

Last, but not least, there are 96 dedicated members of the teaching faculty, as well as an additional number of adjunct professors. An essential aspect is that the student-faculty ratio is of 10 to 1, which allows the teachers and professors to offer students the intellectual privacy and the individual attention they need for the best results. The College aims to motivate young men and to help them reach their expectations and even exceed them.

Another essential aspect is that over 90% of the total number of classrooms have wireless Internet, which guarantees fast and reliable access to the world wide web. There are no less than 46 registered student organizations, there is a campus wide Internet network available and the overall size of the campus is of 1,340 acres. The College has everything it needs in order to provide efficient, trustworthy and professional education at the highest standards. This is why the average freshman enrollment rate is over 300/year.